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About Us

Nature's Educators was founded in 2008 and received 501c3 status in 2011. The organization started in Canon City, CO, moved to Aurora, CO in 2010, then moved to Sedalia, CO in 2015. Nature's Ed was established to bring animals into nature centers, classrooms, events, and more to teach about wildlife and help to create a healthy respect and understanding of all animals. The goal of Nature's Educators is to create a public wildlife center and allow audiences to visit and have programs on-site while still doing the ever-popular outreach and events. The organization is licensed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and US Department of Agriculture.

Our Volunteers

Nature's Educators could not operate without the best volunteer crew around. Our volunteers are responsible for keeping the organization functioning each and every day. This includes providing educational outreach programs, caring for our animal ambassadors, maintaining our facility, and much much more.

Our Staff

  • Devin
    Executive Director/Falconer
  • Shauni
    Program Assistant
  • Kalia
    Animal Care Specialist
  • Josh
    Operations Manager/Falconer
  • Uni
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Evan
  • Bob
    Master Falconer/Educator
  • Wolf
    Master Falconer/International Liason


Nature's Educators has over 100 years of combined experience handling, training, and educating about wildlife.