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Educational Program Venues & Appearances

Our educational raptor and wildlife programs can be a memorable part of almost any event. Below are just a few examples of our most popular program appearances to spark ideas of your own.

  • Fairs & Festivals

    We can provide a unique, fun, and educational station/booth at your event.

  • Nature Centers

    Including live animals with nature center programming can really add a new element to environmental education.

  • Museums

    We are able to provide programs for special events, parties, meetings, and so much more.

  • Schools

    Live animals in the classroom can really help get the message across.

  • Birthday Parties

    An educational birthday party with live animals will make any child's (or adult's) special day even better.

  • Coporate Events

    Reward your partners and employees with an educational program.

  • Grand Openings

    We can help draw the crowds to events by adding an environmental education station.

  • Art Events

    Being able to see the real deal up close can really help your art come alive as you learn all about the ambassadors at hand.

  • Country Clubs

    We are able to give educational talks and host tables at country clubs.

  • Club Meetings

    Your club members will never forget a meeting with our animal ambassadors.

  • Photo Shoots

    Invite us to bring our ambassadors out for pictures and talks on each one.

  • Resorts

    Your guests will remember the incredible experience your resort offered them with an educational animal talk.